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March 17, 2010

conference saga update

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Sometimes it helps  to be persistent. Through one of my networks I got an email from someone who appeared to be one of the Canadian Conference organizers.

I decided to be bold and  call her for advise on my financial dilemma.  After a few mis-communications between her the conference planner person somewhere in USA I am now being sent a Cheque that will partially cover my airfare and this amount will be deducted when calculating my reimbursement  of expense.  I think I might be registered twice for the scholarship too now.  I still fail to understand why it was not easier for them to just take my booking info and book the flights.

Example I am going to Toronto tomorrow  for a set of meetings for one of  my provincial orgs.  My chair already knows my Identity details so I just  checked the http://www.flyporter.ca flight times and told my chair  the flight times to book. She booked the flights and after I got the email I called  Porter to arrange accessibility. I  don’t have to find the $ to prepay the travel and she already has the record for treasurer win-win

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this conference but having been involved in the planning of MANY events I find it annoying when  I know that with a bit of flexibility in the process much unneeded stress could be prevented.


March 14, 2010

Paralympics/ $ struggles

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As expected the media coverage of these games feels like an afterthought.

I finally got a chance to watch the ‘highlights of the opening ceremony and it was actually interesting  compared to the boring overly staged event that opened the ‘main’ Olympics.

As there were issues with accessibility for the online coverage of the ‘main’ games I am sure this will not have improved for these games. I am hoping I am wrong on this.

On another note I am obsessing through my accounts trying to come up with funds for my airfare for next month.  I am torn because a fellow recipient has offered a  loan of her tax return $ as soon as she gets it. I don’t want to tie up her money for almost 2 months but i do need to pay for the plane ticket soon.

March 12, 2010

cheap entertainment/tinkering with blog

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Ok still too soon to tell if I will stay interested in doing this but I am having fun fussing with it.  I have started  a blogroll list  and a list of  links that I think are relevant.

Wow I have rights

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As a Canadian with a disability I am excited that Canada FINALLY signed the Un Convention on Human rights for persons with disabilities. Perhaps this will help us in our quest for an inclusive society where ALL Canadians have a chance to contribute/

I do not presume to  speak for all PWD ( people with disabilities ) but I  find it exhausting to keep battling just to be allowed into the doors.  It is a constant battle to have to explain to people WHY certain accommodations  need to be made so that events and venues are welcoming.

Why do my taxes pay for services that are constantly designed so they are not user friendly or affordable to the most vulnerable populations that _I_ care about.

Government needs to take the lead in working with PWD to ELIMINATE barriers to inclusion that leave PWD constantly fighting to be included.  Our taxes are paying for us to be treated as second class citizens and I am hoping today is the beginning of a move to a more inclusive society.

In the beginning?

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I have been hearing that wordpress is more user friendly and I am getting told by several people that I should blog.

Not sure where this is going but I am curious enough to at least try to blog.


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I got  funding approval to go  to a conference but apparently I have the funds to pay the expenses then wait over a month for the reimbursement.

When I applied for the scholarship I fully disclosed my source of income ( ODSP)  http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/odsp/index.aspx

As the conference focus is disability issues and I applied as a individual one would think the would be some sensitivity to the fact that poverty is prevalent amongst disabled people in general and even more prevalent amongst the  population that is the main focus of this conference.

It is weird that the organizers of this event have not even considered a compromise.  For other events I have been able to  get the travel and or accommodation dealt with by pointing out my lack of discretionary income. So to recap I qualify for a scholarship  but if  I don’t have over $500 that I can live without for 1 1/2 to 2 months while I wait for the money then I am to decline the scholarship. Um HUH?

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