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March 17, 2010

conference saga update

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Sometimes it helps  to be persistent. Through one of my networks I got an email from someone who appeared to be one of the Canadian Conference organizers.

I decided to be bold and  call her for advise on my financial dilemma.  After a few mis-communications between her the conference planner person somewhere in USA I am now being sent a Cheque that will partially cover my airfare and this amount will be deducted when calculating my reimbursement  of expense.  I think I might be registered twice for the scholarship too now.  I still fail to understand why it was not easier for them to just take my booking info and book the flights.

Example I am going to Toronto tomorrow  for a set of meetings for one of  my provincial orgs.  My chair already knows my Identity details so I just  checked the http://www.flyporter.ca flight times and told my chair  the flight times to book. She booked the flights and after I got the email I called  Porter to arrange accessibility. I  don’t have to find the $ to prepay the travel and she already has the record for treasurer win-win

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this conference but having been involved in the planning of MANY events I find it annoying when  I know that with a bit of flexibility in the process much unneeded stress could be prevented.


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