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March 12, 2010

Wow I have rights

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As a Canadian with a disability I am excited that Canada FINALLY signed the Un Convention on Human rights for persons with disabilities. Perhaps this will help us in our quest for an inclusive society where ALL Canadians have a chance to contribute/

I do not presume to  speak for all PWD ( people with disabilities ) but I  find it exhausting to keep battling just to be allowed into the doors.  It is a constant battle to have to explain to people WHY certain accommodations  need to be made so that events and venues are welcoming.

Why do my taxes pay for services that are constantly designed so they are not user friendly or affordable to the most vulnerable populations that _I_ care about.

Government needs to take the lead in working with PWD to ELIMINATE barriers to inclusion that leave PWD constantly fighting to be included.  Our taxes are paying for us to be treated as second class citizens and I am hoping today is the beginning of a move to a more inclusive society.


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